Frau mit Sonnenbrille
Der nice Weiße

"Der nice Weiße" is Vin de Garage's first private label. In the bottle you’ll find a dry, fresh, fruity white wine from La Mancha in Spain. "Der nice Weiße" stands for uncomplicated drinking pleasure and has been created as a typical terrace and party wine with an excellent price/enjoyment ratio. With 11.5 % vol. Alc. it is a light wine of which you can also enjoy a second glass without any worries. Currently, "Der nice Weiße" is available exclusively on Amazon Der nice Weiße

Origin: La Mancha
Grape variety:: Verdejo
Taste: dry, fruity, lime, yellow apple, subtle mango
Goes well with: chicken, paella, fish, salad, grilled vegetables, asparagus
Situations: Girls' night out, terrace/garden, parties of all kinds
Alcohol: 11,5 % Vol. Alc.
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For wine drinkers


Are you planning an evening with special guests and special food? Then the wine accompaniment should also be extraordinary. We advise you on the right wines for your menu and accompany you throughout the evening. We explain to the guests how they find access to the respective wine, tell details about the wine and explain why this particular wine fits the current course. 180 € plus the wines if purchased by Vin de Garage.

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Mann hält ein Weinglas in der Hand

Seminars and tastings

From beginners' seminars to special topics for ambitious wine lovers, Vin de Garage offers various dates throughout the year. We are also happy to offer individual topics in a group of friends on a date of your choice. The costs depend on the theme or the wines used. Further information and current dates can be found here.

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LED Buchstaben die Wein buchstabieren

Wine cellar advice

If you've always wanted to build a wine cellar, you should do so – preferably with the professional support of Vin de Garage. Nothing is more beautiful than a tour of your own wine cellar when guests are invited or you want to treat yourself to a good bottle. Is my basement suitable? What could a concept look like? Which wines are suitable for longer storage? What is the best way to manage my inventory? Weinakademiker Sven Heise supports you in all matters. From the conception to the procurement of the wines.

Price: depends on effort by arrangement.

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Mann schaut sich Wein an

Wine cellar dissolution

You don't drink anymore or have inherited the wine cellar from Uncle Hermann? Then you certainly want to know what still can be used, how much the bottles are still worth and where and how they can be sold. Vin de Garage will give you an overview, evaluate the bottles that can be used and, if you wish, help you sell them.

Price: depends on effort by arrangement.

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Weinbaum mit Tisch & Stuhl

For wineries

vermarktung von Weinrestposten

Marketing of remaining stock

The new vintage will soon be on the bottle and you need space in the warehouse? Vin de Garage helps them to market the old vintage as quickly as possible. Our most important sales channel is Mastering the complex processes and applying the sales techniques in a targeted manner are tasks for which there is often not enough time in the winery. If you don't want to see your brand on Amazon, we offer you so-called "white label" solutions.

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Label Gestaltung

Label design

For those who want to create a new wine or modernize the previous equipment of a bottle, Vin de Garage, together with our partner network, offers the development of a new label. The service includes the joint sharpening of the target group and the creation of a briefing, the development of various design drafts as well as advice in the selection process, including the desired adjustments. In the end, there is the finished design for their new equipment.

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A new wine needs a new name! Whether they are launching a new wine or introducing a second line, the name must fit and appeal to the target audience. Vin de Garage supports you in defining the target group depending on the type of wine and develops suitable name suggestions for the wine. In a joint process, we match the suggestions with the target group description. On request, we will of course carry out target group tests.

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For gastronomy

Wine list

Nowadays, very few guests are satisfied with the choice of red, white, rosé, dry or sweet. For restaurateurs who are creating a new wine list or are looking for an upgrade to their existing wine list, Vin de Garage offers the development of the wine list tailored to the target group. Depending on the type of gastronomy and the guests, everything is possible, both in terms of price and scope, from very small to very large - it just has to be good and suitable.

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Wine pairing

If you want to offer your guests a special menu for festive days or events, the right wine accompaniment should not be missing. If you don't employ your own sommelier, Vin de Garage is happy to help out and work with you to develop the wine accompaniment. The wines can come from your wine list or we are happy to support you in procuring them.

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Frau mit einen Weinglas in der Hand


Providing special experiences to guests interested in wine strengthens customer loyalty and also provides an incentive for potential guests to get to know your gastronomy. Vin de Garage offers you support in brainstorming, thematic design, moderation, organization and implementation. The procurement of the associated wines and, if necessary, the contact with winegrowers can also be done via Vin de Garage if desired.

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Wine procurement

If your core business is the preparation of high-quality food, you often do not have the opportunity or time to deal with cellar management. Are all wines on the menu available in sufficient quantities, do they have to be reordered, has there been a change of vintage? We are happy to take care of these tasks for you. Your wine merchant can't deliver certain wines? We are happy to jump in.

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wine economy

For the wine industry

Einzelne Weinflasche

Customer Experience (CX)

Today, purchasing decisions are not made exclusively on the basis of the product. The operation of the website, the simplicity of the purchase, friction-free payment are decisive factors. If you want to bring your user experience (UX) or the entire customer journey up to date, Vin de Garage can advise you. Together with you, we map the "customer journey" through your company, examine the individual "touchpoints" and define the target characteristics of the individual contact points. We then jointly implement the prioritized measures.

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Gastronomie ching ching



June 28, 2023 Seminar "Expensive vs. cheap",
6:00 p.m. (approx. 3 hours)

Why do some wines cost €20, others are available for less than €3 at discounters? Is this justified or is it the same everywhere anyway? We explore the wine world together and get to the bottom of the mystery. We let three cheap and three expensive wines compete against each other. Can we taste the difference and which one actually tastes better? Look forward to guaranteed surprises.

€55 p.p., incl. wines, water, bread. Registration until 14.06.2023. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons

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May 10, 2023 Wine beginner's seminar,
6:00 p.m. (approx. 3 hours)

The entry into the world of wine for interested laymen! Why do I like some wines and others I don't? Are Lugana, Merlot or Chablis actually grape varieties or denominations of origin? Together we explore the wine world on the basis of grape varieties, styles and price ranges using approx. 10 wines. In addition, there are tips on buying wine, food combinations and wine knowledge for "show-offs".

€45 p.p., incl. wines, water, bread. Registration until 26.04.2023. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons

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Leider Verpasst

March 15, 2023 Seminar "Chardonnay around the World", 6:00 p.m. (approx. 3 hours)

Chardonnay is one of the most cultivated grape varieties and is at home almost everywhere in the world. No other grape variety stands for so many facets, from cheap-buttery discounter wine to the best white wines in the world. We explore this diversity together and travel through the world of Chardonnay: 7 wines from 7 regions of the world, all in the top range.

€85 p.p., incl. wines, water, bread. Registration until 01.03.2023. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons

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About us

Sven Heise

Vin de Garage was founded in 2014 as a garage wine trade. Today, Vin de Garage focuses on the distribution of private labels via online platforms and on offering comprehensive services for the wine industry – from the creation of wine lists for the gastronomy to process optimisation for retailers and producers. Further education and wine expert advice for wine lovers are also part of Vin de Garage's portfolio.

About Sven Heise

Sven is a WSET Diploma holder and Weinakademiker since 2015. In 2014 he founded the wine trade Vin de Garage, initially part-time and since 2020 full-time. The further education of wine lovers as well as the qualitative development of the wine offers in the gastronomy are important driving forces for Sven. In addition, Sven combines his extensive experience in the fields of customer experience and process management from leading positions in German energy companies with his wine background in order to be able to offer new approaches for the wine industry.